"Go." My chosen word for 2016 - that started earlier this week. A push to follow heart. To motivate. To be and to live. To discover. To adventure more. To not push living aside. To not push the call of my heart aside. An answer for when I question myself: go.

I've never chosen a word before... I've had plenty of people tell me theirs, who have asked me what "mine" was... at that time, I had no idea what the power of that kind of decision could give me, but I knew I needed to choose wisely. I needed to ask myself what do I find myself wishing for most often? Do I walk with regret and if I do, is there a word that could remove those kind of regrets from my shoulders? And so I've chosen... To go. To stop saying, "I wish" to stop saying, "I should" and to pick myself up and take myself to every tiny place that feeds my wander, my health, my soul.

I don't know how your year went, but if you've hung out around here at all this year, you probably understand why I'm throwing up some double-dueces and maybe a quick flash of both my middles and am leaving 2015 behind before it can even end. Peace out 2015, you were a bitch. Sorry, not sorry. 

It's been irregularly cold here for December. Like, wake-up-in-the-morning-and-scrape-ice-off-the-windshield cold. Yeah, for real. Meanwhile, you east coasters are probably wearing shorts and celebrating warm afternoons on your front porches while your christmas trees sweat off the rest of their needles. The world is losing its mind, I swear... but there's something about the cold days that make me incredibly introspective. 

I want to fill this year up. I'd rather exhaust myself soaking in and exploring every beautiful and weird thing that surrounds me every day than spend one more day wasted on wishing. I don't want my day dreams to be doggy-eared in a travel magazine or screen-shot off someone's instagram. 

But it's not just that. It's the small things too. It's coffee with friends, it's taking the dogs for a hike, it's learning to fly fish, it's going to the gym or to paddle board on the lake. It's exploring those 'weird-ass' structures down in Casa Grande. It's everything. 

I know we all say it, "This year I'm going to: ___________."  Right?

And so, for me, "go" isn't only for this year. It's for this lifetime. It's now and it's next week and it's to remember that no one is going to promise to give me the sunrise tomorrow, but I can sure as hell hope that I'll see it and I can sure as hell promise myself that I will live the ever-living-shit out of each and every one that I am given. Because excuses are ugly. Because every day is a new beginning. Because I was put to every single test this year, and I'm still standing.

Com'on 2016, lets see what you're made of.