I've been experimenting with enamels a lot lately, something I told myself I wouldn't get into... Sometimes I feel like I've been around the block. I started with rustic silver and wood, moved onto minimal, modern and resin, played awhile in resin and floral and paper, completely ditched resin and came back to silver... added stones... added bones, added teeth... I like everything. That's the true problem. And I like work. Hours of it in one piece. I like testing myself, pushing for new concepts, creating it all.

My moms birthday was yesterday. Every single time, "Mom, what do you want for your birthday?" She responds, "I want a piece of your jewelry."  What's the new saying? Face/palm? Yeah. Mainly, because every year I have to find a way to outdo the gift from the year before. At least I feel like I have to. And secondly, because buying a gift with a click on Etsy or Amazon or a quick drive to the mall takes about 8 hours less. Yet it's so nice to have complete freedom, cause lets face it, Mom will accept anything I make her. That's what moms do. They cheer lead for you even when you make them a pencil holder out of popsicle sticks. And without fail they will tell you that it's even better than the house you made out of popsicle sticks for them the year before that. Cause moms kick ass. That's why.

So, I thought about my mom a lot. I thought about how she pours love into people... even when it doesn't seem gentle, it is pure and real love. We lost my grandfather, on my mothers side, her father, in 2011. I think all of our hearts still burn almost daily from that loss. I thought about how I wanted this piece to be a true statement of the love that we have for our family. How now, that we have lost another light in our lives just recently, my dads father, we need to hold each other tighter than we ever have before. Because I know that I can't be the only one whose heart feels like the cat kicked it off the counter and it shattered in a million small and scattered pieces. Because my family kicks ass. That's why.

So, for you mom... Your parents everlasting. Fused into glass. Me, in the form of a sterling silver succulent. And hours upon hours upon hours of hand and heart... because dad got you the Yeti cup and I'm not that creative with gifts otherwise.

All of my love, Ashley