Where did March go? I know I haven't been an A+ at updating my blog, but I really don't have any excuses... I just haven't done it... 

But here's what I have done and what I've been working on! I'm hoping to have these in the shop this week with a whole slew of other great items! It's succulent season baby! And ombré, a whole mother-lovin' ton of ombré!

Did I mention some GOLD happened? 14K solid gold succulents! Soon to be paired with rose cut diamonds! Mmmhmmm... feel free to drool. 

And here's a little bit of what happened earlier this month. Hoping to get some more match boxes and tubes out very soon! And some vertebrae will be back in the shop in the next update as well.

Feel free to check out my flicker for more photos. You can find the link under "connect" at the top of my page.

Have a wonderful week!