There are tiny broken pieces in all of us. Some of us suffer so deeply from the parts of our past, from the losses, from the realizations, from life growing and changing and shifting around us... from losing something or someone that we once loved. Someone who made us feel understood and cared for turning their backs on us. Small things remind us daily of the places we hurt and sometimes we leave those pieces behind to become dark shadows inside our bones. We carry them on our shoulders day in and day out. They become so heavy and our hearts are so lonely that sometimes hopelessness knocks on our soul-doors. We question our entire being. When my grandfather died I lost pieces of myself. Pieces that were warm, pieces that were soft, pieces that were giving. I questioned abandoning my craft. I wondered if the hole and the empty would fill. I wondered what my purpose was... I still do. My mantra became, "you can grow from the pain." I repeated it to myself daily, not always believing my own promise, but making sure that I at least tried to convince myself that there was some sort of recovery in my future. I've left this note under each and every stone here, from me to my wearer. "You can grow from this." Succulents grow from the dark silver band that hold the beautiful color that is your existence... and at the tips they lighten, they sparkle, they shine. A metaphor, if you will. 

I cried all day yesterday while finishing these pieces- I'm crying now as I type these words... because the truth is, I still have 100 tiny shards that ache every single day. I don't expect them to never exist, I don't expect life to ever get easier, I just know that if I can create something... If I can say something that has any positive effect on another hurting body.. then I'm doing something right. Something worth it. You are not alone. You can grow from this.

I promise.