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    lack of success.

    "an economic policy that is doomed to failure"

    synonyms:lack of success, nonfulfillmentdefeatcollapse, foundering More


There are two different routes you can take when you fail. 

Your first option is to scream out every profanity in the book, curl up in a ball, and tell yourself that you're terrible... that you're not good enough, to question everything you've done, to cry about the time you've wasted and then throw in the towel. That is true failure. On your part. Because giving up when you fail at something is simply tragic. Allowing your failures to defeat you is one of the worst things that you can possibly do for yourself. You've just paved yourself a road down a very very sad existence, my friend. 

Your second option is to accept your failure. To look at what you've done and instead of making excuses for yourself, you say, "Well, here's why I failed...."

"Here's what I could change to make this work." 

"Maybe this didn't work as a _____________, but it could still work as a _________."

And move the hell on. 

If you look at every single failure as a reason you aren't good enough, as a reason to give up, as an ending to what you've begun, you will never ever grow. You will never succeed, You will never find the magic that is failing. 

If you allow yourself to fail, if you turn to failure with open arms and say "What? What is the lesson here?" "What can I do better?" "What can this mess become?" "Where did I fuck up?" (Cause you curse, because you just totally screwed up and your irritated, lets face it, we all do it).

....well, you'll burn. If you're truly passionate about what you're doing. If you want it with every inch of your stardust, if you want to get better... you will ignite. You will. You'll get your saw out and hack off what doesn't work, you'll break off the broken pieces, and you'll build yourself a new place to begin. Because you are amazing, and you know it. Because you believe in yourself. Because you can acknowledge that you are human and imperfect and life. goes. on. 

And you'll shine the way we all know you can. The way you know you can. 

Stop crying about your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. Turn your failure into your power. Stop wishing. I truly hate "wishers." STOP WISHING. Wishing gets you nowhere. Work. Work for it!

I am where I am today because I failed. I failed so terribly. And though it's still a conversation that sends pings of pain through me to this day.... it still makes my eyes swell and my throat hurt...Still, ten years later.... I can't help but to smile. To be so damn grateful. Shit, I am proud of myself.. I won't lie. I'm not proud of that failure, but I am proud of how I handled it. How I turned it all around. I'm thankful for the drive that it gave me. I'm thankful for the strength it continues to give me. It taught me more than a single success ever could. That couldn't be more true. 

(You know you are allowed to be proud of yourself, right? You can still be humble, while being proud of what you've accomplished). 

And it brought me here. To metal. To something that I love with all of my heart. To something that challenges me. To something that has taught me extreme patience. To something that excites me from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. It wasn't easy, but damn, it was so worth it. 

Failure. Failure changed my life. And I could't be happier about it. 



This little baby was a ring two days ago. I put so much time in. When I went to set the turquoise on the band, I don't know, was I drunk? It was a disaster. It couldn't be saved, it couldn't be sold, frustrated with the waste of time and energy, I tossed it into my "all the messed up shit" bowl on my bench and had a beer. The bezel and the sand dollar were so much work alone, now they were wasted. I'd have to cut it all apart and start over. 

The next day I looked at it, still pretty much pouting that all of my beautiful work would have to be torn apart. ::Record scratch:: Or not... Cue like some great motivating song and picture me at my bench, hair blowing in the wind like I just jumped on a motorcycle and was about to go crash a wedding to win back the love of my life.. yeah, welcome to my world... 

I sawed the band off and it was like any great action movie when a huge explosion happens and the hero just, in the coolest fashion, turns his back and walks away. You know what I'm talking about. 

And then I drilled straight through that bastard, dropped a chain through it and tossed it around my neck and I was Michael freaking Phelps. Winning my 4th gold medal. Gon' brush your shoulders off. 

And then I smiled the happiest and surly the most dumb looking smile ever. Because I loved it. It was simple, and it was saved, and it made me happy. And then instead of a self pity beer, I had a damn-i'm-a-gangsta beer. 

And life. went. on. 


Failure looks good on you, darling. Fist bump.