This morning I made myself a delicious and warm breakfast. I took out my best dishes, my favorite mug, a delicate and beautiful handmade tumbler... I poured myself a rich, dark cup of coffee, and kept my phone in my bag on the coatrack. I ate slowly, mindfully, peacefully, putting my fork down between each bite, paying attention to each mouthful. I thought about friendships and about my grandparents. About the placemat at my spot on the table and how many different things it had been used for since I was a child. I thought about my life now, how much of it has changed, how the loss over the past couple years has left me empty and how I have tried to fill the space. I admired my plants and more so the fact that Austin has graciously allowed our house to turn into a jungle without really any complaints, simply because he knows how happy it makes me. I watched Frank and Indy greet one another at the back door, one coming in, one going out, and marveled at how wonderfully and gently they love on each other. One so large and one so small. I wondered how I'd ever get over losing them. I cried a little. I smiled. I am so deeply happy that I am here. That I get this one tiny moment of life. That I have a family who loves me. That eggs can taste so damn good. That at any moment I have the opportunity to stop, look around, and cherish all of the marvelous, tiny, and beautiful things that are happening all around me.