I told myself last night that I would sleep in "until forever." At 6 am a dog bounced on my head and I was already fighting my brain, which apparently wanted to file this faceted gemstone box I've been working on for the past few days.
I had the pleasure of being Kevin O'Dwyers studio assistant this year in his hollowware workshop. It's a one week intensive where students can basically create whatever their little hearts desire. They can fabricate containers, raise bowls, work on hidden hinges, create lockets, fold form handles, make jewelry, you name it... and they have Kevin there to go through the process, troubleshoot and bring their projects to fruition. It's a wonderful environment (if you can stand hearing 4 people hammer for 5 days straight from 9-5 every. single. day... ahem, ladies and bob 😉 ) to learn something new, to push yourself past what you know, and to be really really frustrated.. (because that's why Kevin's there!) Remember that silver box I created last year? Same guy, same class. 
The class is the perfect place to go out on a ledge and really focus on making something that you can learn from and that you normally wouldn't spend the time doing. Although, you're definitely going to see more of these from me; I have at least 2 other gem stone shapes to conquer. 
A little sap for @silver_river_studios : I'm really grateful to have met you and been able to study with you.. It's wonderful to work with someone who is still laughing at the end of the week after being verbally abused (by me) for 8 hours each day. You've been a huge part of my growth as a metalsmith, a patient teacher, and a great friend. Hopefully I'll catch you in Montana, Slavedriver. One more time for good measure: #kevinodwyertheslavedriver