Though I have taken quite the break from blogging, I have not taken one from creating. I may actually be creating more now than ever... in more mediums than ever.  Though you can easily find links to my Facebook and instagram, I'd still love to do a quick recap of projects I've been working on. 


"Well, they're finally here. A whole lotta dreams are coming to fruition this year and I couldn't be more excited about it. Two years ago I found the bones of a little coyote while turkey hunting in the forest of Northern Arizona. Right then and there I knew the vertebrae *had* to be cast. I molded it when I got home, but other projects got in the way. About a year ago, I prepped and cast them to be made into jewelry hooks, but again, I got distracted. Since then, I have been searching for the perfect wood, but nothing felt right. A few days ago I found this Arizona Ironwood and everything just finally fell into place. I love the way that happens. So, here they are, ancient bronze Arizona Coyote vertebrae mounted on Arizona Ironwood, sanded until silky smooth. Ready for you to hang all of you're most favorite treasures in the place that you love. 100% handmade. 100% a labor of love. -
Two handmade, sandcast ✖️'s left exactly as they were cast for your necklaces and a brass rod for your most cherished earrings. A gorgeous piece of Arizona Ironwood. 2 keyholes in the back for hanging. 100% handmade. 100% a labor of love."


Created from drawing and image and then bending, shaping, and welding 1/8" hot rolled steel. Another true labor of love, this bobcat piece took somewhere around 12 hours to create. When hung out on a wall in the sun, the shadows it throws are absolutely incredible. 

"This baby is hard to get a good shot of in my wild little jungle, but my ferns seems to love her company, already twisting and tangling themselves all around the frame... beats having to have wood stakes, eh? 
Maybe own day I'll completely fill and finish the box with leaves and succulents and all that goodness, but for now I'll let the real plants do the work! 
Believe it or not, those ferns were about 4" tall when I bought them off of the Lowes "death rack" and now, 2 years later(?), they're huge, bushy, beautiful monsters that take up the whole patio."


Quite honestly, I've surprised myself with how many ceramics projects I've finished. It's a medium that definitely continues to test me. Things come out wonky, glazes come out ugly, cracks form after never know what you;re going to get.

I feel like I've finally come to find a small voice in clay, and I'm having so much fun filling each and every one with a special little plant. 


The jewelry world is business as usual. I'm still drawn to exploring the "X" or "You Are Here" and the "Own your/this breath" lines. There's something about them that I just can't leave behind. I think we all ache for a more present life that we feel we have control over. We all ache for adventure and happiness and realizing that we have a very short amount of time here on this wonderful planet, we want to change those dreams as fast as we can. Life keeps us guessing. It hurts and its magnificent all at the same time. 

"I want to place delicate, tribal petals on your chest and tell you that you have the freedom to come alive. That you have the strength to rise. And the fire to burn. And that deep within your questioning heart, you have the gumption to do it all on your own. +
Obsessed with the way that this baby glows. This chrysoprase just blows my mind with the unbelievable way that it spreads into that glassy, clear quartz. Fringe for you, my feral woman. Time to let yourself out."

"And here I am again. Trying to remind you that you are here. That this, right here, is your one chance.. your 15 minutes, your last and only hurrah. So why are you dwelling? Why have you walked past the opportunities, the love, the smiles? Pick your head up. Lift your lids up. Back away from the expectation. Do not let misfortune own you. Because it will. It's waiting to. It loves your despair... and you don't have any fucking time. Not one single second. To waste. On not living. How lucky you are to be one itty bitty, tiny little speck on the map. One unimportant, brilliant little speck. ✖️"

So there you have it, a quick catch up and peek into 2018. Thank you so much for being here and for supporting this journey. I couldn't do any of it without you. 

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