Leaf Litter Pebbles - Sterling Silver Necklace

She found herself buried.
The smell of fallen foliage with each long inhale.
Drawing lines with her finger tips.
Tracing the veins on the foliated sidewalk beneath her.
The crunch as she shifted; a harmony.
Becoming leaf litter.

*Necklaces are numbered 1-3 from Left to Right - Please choose at checkout!*

Every part of this process done by these two hands from start to finish.
A process developed here, in my own studio.
A soft oxidation with light shine.
The perfect little charm necklace, great for layering.
My signature so you know it's an original

Necklace measurements:
No. 1 - 16.5
No. 2 - 16.75"
No. 3 - 17 3/8"


Made by hand and hammer.
Built from fire.

+Please note: color may change from screen to screen, but photos were taken in natural light and have not been edited for color+

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