SZ 7.5 - Requiem Ring - Jaw, Silver, Gold and Diamond

Requiem. /ˈrekwēəm/ : an act or token of remembrance. : a solemn chant for the repose of the dead

Two years ago, the original title of this series was, "left for dead" and now retitled, "requiem." A story about the tenacity of this complex, beautiful world that we live on. Words about how no matter what we do, what we build, it's only ours so long as we maintain it.

Mother nature always always always growing back, reclaiming what was originally 'hers.'

Inspired by abandoned buildings, old amusement parks, old train stations, the forest and how the loss of one life is always feeding another. The circles derived from science books. That circular drawing around an image that then shows a zoomed in version of what you're looking at. The round of a magnifying glass. I've been holding tight to every round, rough, wonderful stone I've found since.

Every piece of this made by my two hands with hours of fabrication. Every little bone, sunken back into decaying earth and grown over. Every little mold, every piece soldered together right here. No precious metal clays.

In memory of my uncle, thank you for showing me love and bravery. Thank you for investing in my career as a jeweler and thank you for getting that goddamn fish hook out of that ducks bill when I was just a wee kid having a conniption. You were the salt.


A tiny jaw sinking into foliage and soil. Covered in moss.
A tiny, glittering white diamond in a 18K gold tube setting.
A beautiful backplate covered in stardust.
My signature so you know it's an original
A huge, true labor of love - a collection 3 years in the making.

This ring is a US 7.5 and should be purchased accordingly as to keep the ring sitting atop your finger correctly due to its weight.


Made by hand and hammer.
Built from fire.


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