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Meet The Maker

I have tangled roots of east coast tides and southwest summits and the beauty of those places and the small treasures of the pieces which create them have me ever hunting for inspiration. I grew up in the shop of a man who honored his tools as if they were art. I was influenced by the the beautiful maker hands of both my Grandmother and Grandfather since before I can even remember. Being a maker is who I am.  Finding a life through the work of heart and hand never felt like an option, but in the end, it chose me. This endeavor to hone my craft has tested me, broken me, and polished me time and time again, yet I've never walked away. That's how I know that I'm exactly where I should be... Trying to tell my story through forged metal and tidbits of our beautiful world, ever collecting new skills, ever shifting, and ever searching for others to gift it all to.